What's On the Grill

The WaBa Difference

You know that feeling you get when you eat something crazy delicious that also happens to be really, really good for you? Well, that’s the WaBa Difference! The fact is, eating healthy just feels good. When you don't have to sacrifice quality and flavor, it’s not that difficult to make healthy choices. The perfect balance of delicious and nutritious food isn’t always easy to find, especially when it comes to eating healthy on the go. That’s where WaBa Grill comes in! 


The WaBa Story

WaBa Grill was founded on the principle that healthy food made with fresh, quality ingredients should be accessible to all. So, we set out to create better-for-you food with bold, amazing flavors at grab-and-go speed. Today, our famous rice bowls, plates, and salads are helping WaBa fans live their best life!

The WaBa Story
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Eat Smart, Be Healthy!

Our motivation is creating a better meal for you, period. That means no shortcuts. Our bowls are packed to the brim with grilled protein, fresh vegetables, and healthy grains. We use only the highest quality ingredients like fresh, never frozen chicken, marinated ribeye steak, wild-caught salmon, organic tofu, and jumbo shrimp, all grilled to perfection over an open fire. No microwaves, no frying, no artificial additives… ever.

Who knew healthy could taste so irresistible? We did…we did.