Leading Healthy Rice Bowl Chain Builds on Success of Popular Flavor Profile

ANAHEIM HILLS, Calif. (January 3, 2024) - WaBa Grill, one of the nation’s leading healthy rice bowl chains, is excited to announce the official launch of its Boom Boom Way Veggie Bowls, the newest way to enjoy WaBa Grill's best-selling bowls. The latest addition to the brand’s craveable menu expands on the success and popularity of WaBa’s Boom Boom Tacos, which launched systemwide in 2023. Available now at all locations, guests can enjoy Veggie Bowls the ‘Boom Boom Way,’ featuring cooked-to-order proteins, a medley of fresh vegetables and fan-favorite Boom Boom sauce, which adds a creamy and spicy kick to the brand’s signature Asian-inspired flavors.

“Our new Boom Boom Way Veggie Bowls amplify the success of our most innovative menu evolution to-date and offer guests a unique and undeniable Asian-inspired flavor profile in our signature bowl format,” said Vivian Mendoza, WaBa Grill’s Director of Marketing. “As with any new menu introduction, every decision for the Boom Boom Way Veggie Bowls was driven by guest feedback, and we aim to ensure they can enjoy our menu items how they want them, when they want them.”

Boom Boom Way Bowls allow guests to enjoy the zesty, spicy flavors of the Boom Boom Tacos in WaBa Grill’s familiar and popular bowl format. When ordering a Veggie Bowl, guests can choose between the Signature WaBa Way (protein, rice, steamed cabbage, broccoli, carrots and WaBa sauce) or the new Boom Boom Way, which includes protein, rice and a fresh medley of Persian cucumbers, edamame kimchi and sesame cabbage slaw, all drizzled with spicy Boom Boom sauce – a deliciously creamy aioli that brings the heat. WaBa Grill’s standout Boom Boom sauce delivers the perfect level of spice, quickly joining the ranks as one of the brand’s most popular signature sauces.

"Since launching last year, our Boom Boom sauce continues to be beloved by guests atop Boom Boom Tacos, so there’s no better way to expand upon this craveable innovation than by using it for our signature Veggie Bowls,” said Lauren Wu, WaBa Grill’s Product Development and Quality Assurance Manager. “We’re always looking to add new items to our menu that meet our long-recognized standards for innovation in the Asian-inspired space and deliver fresh, delicious flavors we know our customers will love.”

With a longstanding commitment to evolution, especially when it comes to its menu, Boom Boom Way underscores WaBa Grill’s latest transformation. Since 2006, WaBa Grill has gone to great lengths to deliver new and amazing cuisine at the best value – always striving to delight guests with unique and exciting flavors. Perfectly complementing WaBa Grill’s existing menu, the Boom Boom Way adds something extra to WaBa Grill’s fresh and flavorful bowls. For more details about WaBa Grill’s menu and to find your nearest location, visit www.WaBaGrill.com.

WaBa Grill Introduces Boom Boom Way Veggie Bowls at All Locations

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